Hanging from the rafters

In a basketball arena, the rafters are a place where legends are honored. A hanging number or championship banner symbolizes overcoming tremendous odds through dedication and hard work. While we might not all be NBA players, we can still strive to ascend to the rafters in whichever arena of life we are playing. The Rafter Club represents that drive to be the best and leave behind a legacy. 


Basketball sneakers utilize the latest technologies and push creative boundaries in ways less often seen in men's dress shoes. We believe that men today are ready to break the mold and wear something different from the shoe styles that have been around for the past 100 years.  We pull inspiration from basketball sneakers to innovate the style of dress shoes, while still working with traditional high quality materials that keep the shoes appropriate for any occasion.

In addition to shoes, athletics are influencing us to rethink other menswear essentials. Stay tuned. 


Basketball brings all different types of people together. A pickup game can quickly turn a group of strangers into a team united by a competitive spirit. It's unlike anything else. The Rafter Club is taking this streetball mentality into the business world. By combining the formal social club components of sports like golf and polo with the diversity and swagger of basketball culture, we are building a community that cultivates fresh ideas. It's time to network like a pickup game, where everyone gets a chance to contribute and strangers become teammates. 


At Rafter, we believe strongly in equal opportunity. We are creating youth programs that bring kids together around their love of basketball. Through solid mentorship, we seek to help these kids find what they are passionate about off the court and build the skills and confidence they need to pursue those passions.